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EXCEPTIONAL campaigns, events, and more.

we specialize in bespoke gifting and social campaigns...

that are tailored to not only your core brand values but also your specific budget. We do not believe in generic collaborations;


We match with key content creators who are genuine fans of your brand, creating meaningful relationships and organic coverage. We provide brands with an all-encompassing campaign management solution. Managing every aspect of your campaign from start to finish. From securing content creators, sending out product to creating detailed coverage reports, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.


We understand that product costs money, therefore no packages are sent out until content creators are fully aware of the collaboration. Making our process more organic and sustainable – avoiding unnecessary product waste.


Let’s bring the personality back to PR! 

past campaigns


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"The perfect solution for brand buzz and community building! A seamless and efficient process to spread the word in exciting or new products and build trust in your community. A dream of a team to work with, always catering to your needs and campaign desires. The perfect way to kick off your campaign!”
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"Working with Rosalind and her team has been an amazing way for our brand to collaborate with a huge pool of creative and diverse talent in order to grow our share of voice on social channels. We have seen great success from collaborations on Tik Tok, where we have had multiple influencer videos go viral on the platform – helping us achieve mass awareness and in turn encouraging new creators to buy and test our products. Working together long-term across multiple different campaigns has helped us identify great advocates of the brand which we have gone on to work with on larger scopes of work, together with Rosalind."
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“Rosalind and her team have been a dream to work with. The process of finding and targeting new creators and audiences can be very daunting, but Rosalind has made the process so easy and stress-free. We have seen great results from the campaigns and have built relationships with new creators. Rosalind is reliable, trust-worthy and extreamly determined to help you get the best results. Thank you Rosalind and team for being so amazing to work with and for making our campaigns so much fun.”

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Rosalind Weinberg




get to know our process

Our seamless 5 step process is designed to put your brand in the spotlight and get your product maximum coverage with minimum effort. The result? Effortless exposure, flawless execution. Every time.

step 1

All of our brand campaigns are built upon a detailed brief submitted by you. After all, no one knows your brand like you. Share your initial vision with us and we will present you with an array of strategies that enable your campaign to skyrocket.

step 2

Your campaign will be published on our platform where it will be seen by thousands of relevant and pre-vetted content creators. Securing you talent who genuinely love your brand.

step 3

We will provide you with a shortlist of compatible content creators that want to work with you from which you can select your dream partnership with guidance from our expert team.

step 4

You can handle the postage and packaging of your product in house or alternatively you can choose to outsource the delivery process to our capable warehouse team.

step 5

Once your influencer campaign has come to fruition, we will showcase the relevant stats and campaign highlights with you in an in-depth coverage report.