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Our seamless 5 step process is designed to put your brand in the spotlight and get your product maximum coverage with minimum effort. 

The result? Effortless exposure, flawless execution. Every time.

Step one: All of our brand campaigns are built upon a detailed brief submitted by you. After all, no one knows your brand like you. Share your initial vision with us and we will present you with an array of strategies that enable your campaign to skyrocket.  


Step two: Your campaign will be published on our platform where it will be seen by thousands of relevant and pre-vetted content creators. Securing you talent who genuinely love your brand.


Step three: We will provide you with a shortlist of compatible content creators that want to work with you from which you can select your dream partnership with guidance from our expert team.


Step four: You can handle the postage and packaging of your product in house or alternatively you can choose to outsource the delivery process to our capable warehouse team.


Step five: Once your influencer campaign has come to fruition, we will showcase the relevant stats and campaign highlights with you in an in-depth coverage report.